France Springs Eternal



Lucas v Rafa


The fourth set seemed to confirm that the match was just beyond the grasp of Pouille.

It wasn’t.

A great match. Pouille is no Robin Söderling.



The Honest Truth

On the face of it, this is coming across (at least to me) as a pretty innocent and a very stupid mistake. For five years she was taking it to enhance her performance. OK. But it wasn't a prohibited substance. Then on January 1 2016 it became a prohibited substance and, well, she didn't get the memo. Busted at the Australian Open in January.

Whatever the honest truth is here, you have to admire her for stepping up instead of lawyering up. She played it the way you wish Bonds, McGwire, et. al. had played it.

Can't give her a bye on this, though, even if it was an innocent mistake. The elites can't play by different rules.


Maria Sharapova Admits She Took Drug Newly Banned by Tennis


Bud Collins

His exuberance for the game and the florid spews of language his exuberance often ignited (not to mention the clothes) made it too easy for casual observers of the game to dismiss him but you could never overlook him, and you ignored him at your peril because he truly was fountain of knowledge about the game and its players and its history. In the late 70s and the 80s, when I came full throttle to the sport (as a spectator), he was as much the face of tennis for the American audience as was 'bad boy' national hero John McEnroe. I remember many a "Breakfast at Wimbledon" (NBC's Sunday morning broadcasts of the men's finals) with him in my Oakland apartment, eating steak and eggs and biscuits instead of strawberries and cream (in those days I also didn't have a taste for champagne yet, either).

RIP, Bud Collins.

Photo: Gill Allen | Associated Press | Wimbledon 1993


Bud Collings, Who Covered Tennis With Authority and Flash, Dies at 86


Down Under

Seven Years Later, Verdasco Comes Through Against Nadal

Did not see this coming. Stunning.

And yet the world keeps turning.

Photo: Aaron Favila | Associated Press