Above The Fold


This is a truly remarkable photo. That's NBC reporter Peter Alexander at yesterday's press conference, pointing out that Trump had again misrepresented his Electoral College win and asking why Americans should trust what the President says when the President presents such demonstrably false facts. Look at the front row where Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner have turned their heads and are looking at Peter Alexander with---well, just look at their faces. And further to the right, Reince Priebus is glaring at Alexander and whispering into the cocked ear of Vice President Mike Pence.

This photo is a telling and chilling X-ray of this regime. An instant classic.

Photo credit: Stephen Crowley | New York Times



This is the simple truth this afternoon:

America is being held hostage by an unqualified and unhinged Donald Trump, by his unwavering voters (maybe a third of the electorate), and by the lock-step Republican Party. America is being held hostage by terrorists.

It's one thing to vote for this guy because you hate Hillary Clinton so much, it's one thing to vote for him in protest and frustration, but it's another thing to stick with him now. If you can't see this after today’s press conference and after the past three weeks of his Presidency, the United States of America is YOUR hostage, too; YOU are a terrorist, too.

This country is being stressed and tested in ways it has never been stressed and tested, maybe closer to a true existential crisis than even I am able to see or admit this morning. But we *are* in a moment of crisis.

Resistance is patriotism. The stakes are too high to be on the wrong side of this.

Photo credit: Andrew Harnik | AP Photo



Artwork: Courtney M Privett (@CourtneyPrivett)



Kill Bill


There it is, folks. The Congressional knife held to the throat of the Environmental Protection Agency. The bill itself is 45 words; it could be tweeted with 95 characters to spare.

Twenty-first century America is under siege and is seriously endangered.