Downsizing and [Not] Downgrading

I'm pretty sure the SE is going to be my next iPhone. Unless this September's iPhone 7 loses the 6-class curved sides and/or has some must-have feature and/or design that I can't begin to imagine, I'm all-in for a reborn 5-class chassis with the guts of a 6s (I'm still using a 6-no-s so the SE will actually be an upgrade for me). Its compact 'squared-up' size feels so much better in the hand than the too-smooth too-slight 6. And to me, a 4-inch screen just seems like the right size for a handheld.

The iPhone 4 is my definitive ideal of all of the iPhone designs (its look still reminds me of a vintage Leica) but no way will Apple bring back that kind of heft. Sigh.

UPDATE: Didn’t happen. No SE for me. Natch.