Breaking Up, Melting Down


Michael Wolff is not what you would call a thoroughly reputable journalist. He has a history of playing fast and loose with facts ("in search of the actual Truth of the matter", he would say in his own defense) and you'd be foolish not to suspect he's up to his old tricks in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. His colleagues in the press don't like him or his work so I expect to see a great piling on against him as soon as the book's jucy-est bits have been run through the pundit mill today. There probably is a lot of "actual Truth" here but take the written accounts with a healthy grain of salt.

That said, Wolff DID have access to the White House and he DID have undisputed access to Steve Bannon. And the interviews are officially "on the record".

The legitimate takeaway is and will continue to be Trump's reaction to the book. There will be no denying his open fury or the empty flurry of cease-and-desist orders his lawyers are already sending out.